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Colby Pearce

I have been using power as a training metric since 1995. SRM was the only option at that point. In the subsequent 25 years of racing, I have had the opportunity to use nearly every other power meter on the market. Now, I am in the position to use whatever I want, and my choice is SRM. Making reliable, durable and accurate electronic devices for four season use on a bicycle is a challenging task, and SRM is the most consistent product I have found. I recommend SRM for all my clients as well. 

Norm Alvis

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Jim Lehman

One of the greatest advances in the sport of cycling has been the development of the power meter.  These devices allow us to measure the work that is being performed by an athlete.  As a coach, I can then set up training zones that are specifically tailored to that athlete.  This way we are maximizing the available training and recovery time.  


SRM has a been a pioneer in the power meter field and continues to innovate their devices.  Throughout my career, I have counted on SRM power meters to provide accurate and reliable data for me and my athletes.  This has helped countless athletes meeting and exceeding their goals.

I started using an SRM power meter in 1995.  Basing my training on power was an epiphany.  My physical performance gains in those last few years defined my professional career: pro national championships, international stage races, road races and criteriums.   My training regime based on power and expertly guided by guru Golich starkly contrasted with the traditional long hours in the saddle as a European professional.


This knowledge stuck with me and as a masters rider.  Power measurement helps me focus the very limited time I have for bike riding as a business professional.  Interval training focused on power goals is potent.


I’ve tried a number of power meters but found most to be unreliable day to day and throughout the season.  Often seeing numbers that didn’t correlate with my own sensations.


I never doubt my SRM.  I’ve developed an intuitive sense of my output due to the reliability of SRM.  This sense helps tremendously in racing.  The reliability of the data helps in other ways too.  Year to year my level of fitness is clearly defined and the work needed to get to race form is also evident in my power output.  I also use the data to assess my efficiency in different positions on the bike (ie. sprinting, climbing, pursuit in and longer time trial).  Paired with an anemometer I even have a virtual wind tunnel!


I value SRM’s innovation as well. With the Origin model I have a convenient and cost effective way to modulate between road and track.  Most of my racing is on the road and I’ve always used 172.5 mm cranks.  I have a passion for pursuing the Hour Record and prefer 170mm cranks for that effort.  As my season progress to focus on Hour Record preparation matching my road bike to the track length is simple, just adjust the length in two minutes.


The PC8 has regular software updates and continually delivers useful features.  The simple customization of the many screens enhances my training.  To give one example, interval timing with  avg power, heart rate, time and speed (my choices) in large font allow me to focus on my effort for the target time.  No calculations or estimates that can distract my motivation in critical training.  Those simple items make a difference.


I’m a delighted SRM customer and rider because they help me put more power to the pedals!  

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