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Where can I find my PowerMeter serial number?

  • The serial number is on a sticker on the inside of the PowerMeter. It reads PM:12345 or SN:12345. It is also laser etched on the PowerMeter spider next to a chainring bolt hole. The serial number can also be viewed on a PC8 and PC7 screen when paired.

Where does the cadence magnet need to be positioned?

  • The PowerMeter will not transmit data to your display unit without the cadence magnet or wiring harness being properly installed underneath your bottom bracket or on the chain-stay of your frame.

My power and cadence readings are zero, erratic, or not accurate?

  • The cadence magnet is not in the correct position over the reed switch.

  • The slope is not entered into your display unit correctly or your PowerMeter is not transmitting the correct slope to your display unit.

  • The zero offset needs to be set.

  • The battery is almost empty or there is damage to the PowerMeter circuit board.

My zero offset is too low (below 200Hz), too high (above 900Hz), or reading Zero. What is the cause?

  • Your PowerMeter may have sustained damaged that is beyond the scope of troubleshooting.  

  • Your PowerMeter battery is low/nearly depleted.

  • Its advised you contact your local SRM Service location for a more detailed diagnosis of your technical problem. 

What is "zero offset"?

  • The zero offset is the frequency in Hertz that the PowerMeter is transmitting when no torque is applied. Once torque is applied, the zero offset will rise. It is important to set your zero offset at the beginning of a ride to ensure that your PowerMeter is tared. 

What is "slope"?

  • Each PowerMeter has a unique “slope” value, which is calculated during the calibration of that specific PowerMeter. The unit used to describe slope is 'Hz/Nm.' For example, 20.0 Hz/Nm means that for each Newton Meter of torque applied to the PowerMeter, the output frequency will increase by 20 Hertz. 

Can I change chainrings without affecting the slope of my PowerMeter?

  • Yes, with the exception of solid TT rings. If you are changing to or from a solid TT ring, it is recommended that you have your PowerMeter re-calibrated.

  • Do not over-tighten chainring bolts. Please follow the correct torque specifications.



The SRM software does not find my PowerControl, how can I fix this?

This condition can have several causes:

  • The cable used for connecting the PowerControl to your computer may be broken. 

  • The USB port can be unresponsive.  A reboot re-activates the USB port in most cases.  To check whether the USB port is unresponsive, please connect another device on this port and verify it is recognized.

  • The serial communication port used to communicate with the PowerControl can be blocked by another program. Please download and install the latest version of SRM software from, and re-connect the PowerControl.

Will my PowerControlV work with SRMMac?

  • No. SRMMac is only compatible with PowerControl VI and PowerControl7 and PC8.

Will my PowerControl V work with Windows 8?

  • Yes, but you have to use a USB to serial port converter cable. 

The buttons on my PowerControl are no longer responding correctly.

  • The keypad has become disconnected from the circuit board. Please download the Service Form and send in your PowerControl to an SRM Service Center. 

Does my PowerControl automatically adjust the zero offset?

  • If you have a PowerControl VI, PowerControl7, or PC8 it will automatically adjust the zero offset during your ride. However, you should still set the zero offset before every ride to ensure the most accurate data.




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